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Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
are prepping behinddthe scenes - letting their runniig and ccmpeeiiive statts. in iowa paul ryan fieldee questiins on the types of domestic issues thee presidential candidates will address wednesdaaynighh. ryan says: "look, there's only one person who has raised taxes and is promising to raise taxes in the future who's running for ppesident and his name is barack obama." joe biden headed to north carolina - rguing romney would help the weaathyyat the expense of the middll ccass. biden says: "iiknow i'm not the only one who as found it strange for governor romney to write off 47 percent in country." presidentt obama is rehearsing at nevada resort - working on keeping his debate answwrs short and not getting ruffled "theyyre making mm do my homework." romney - ii - took a lunch reak with ohho - senator rob portman - ii ddbate stand in for the presidentt romney didnn answwr any questions about the if he seizes on the economy, o'donnell says: "if he's able to pin blameefor the economy on the presideet, his governor romney's numbers will ptart to come p."davis says:: "
Oct 5, 2012 5:00pm EDT
humiliated by how a teacchr reacted to her politicalt-shirt. sam pawlucy wore a romney-ryan ccmpaign shirt to class friday. thatts whhn she says her honors geometry teacher singled her out. sam says the teacher alled in an assistant... who pretended to draw on her shirt wwth a takeeit off - aying this s a democratic sccool. the teaahhr - who is african-ameriian implied sam was uninformed parents republican? i said don'' know. she says that's beccuse she don't knows that a person of her position would take advantage offmyy her in front of all her peers, pnd make her feel so bad. bad.the amily's phones havv been ringing off the hook.they say with every negattve itt a one-game playyff ffr the orioles tonighttagainst the winner will moveeonnin the post seassn. and its ourr questiinnof the day do you think te o's will be thee rangers tonight. tonight.margaret is confident aad writes on our facebook page...."of coorse." course."and nick o's magic tonight." tonight." a ot of big faas responding so far and they re all confident that the o's will go to foo-baltimore dot com facebook. send us a twee
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2